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  • Michelin Pilot Power 2 CT Front Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Pilot Power 2 CT Front Motorcycle Tire

    Bruce in WA

    Tire wear

    We here in OZ specially on the West coast have and still find the PR2 and the Pilot Power 2's to give us the best return for our dollar. We are averaging some where in the high 19/ 20,000 k's from a set of tires. We also find the service and delivery from this supplier Jake Wilson to be second to none, very very happy with the service. We use the Pilot Power2's on the front and the Pilot Road 2 on the rear running both at 42psi or as close to it as possible.

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  • Michelin AC10 Dual Sport Tire

    Michelin AC10 Dual Sport Tire

    Joel in CO

    Rear works great, front not so much.

    I bought these tires as they are DOT certified and wanted to get my bike plated to connect trails. I have about ten hours of riding on these tires and they are holding up fine. Rear tire seems to have great traction and slides predictably. Not as impressed with the front, as it works ok for tight single track, yet on hard pack trails or gravel roads it has very little grip. I would purchase the rear again yet would not recommend the front tire. In conclusion for a DOT approved tire used for off road, the rear would get 5 stars and the front would receive only about 2 stars.

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  • Michelin T63 Road/Dual Sport Tire

    Michelin T63 Road/Dual Sport Tire

    Travis in AR

    I don't know about these other reviews.

    My review for this tire is that it is more of a dirt tire. I found that it had good traction when I was trekking up this rocky rooty dirt hill that was pretty steep. I had it newly installed and it was well scrubbed in and I hit this hill and took charge of it. The terrain of this hill consisted of some baseball sized rocks and then golf ball sized rocks spread out amongst it. There were roots closer to the top of this hill. This was something of a ATV trail and those were on one rut of the trail while we had leaves in the other rut. There were four of us and I was the only to make it all the way up this hill without any help. Not trying to brag on myself but only of this tire. I will admit that the tread does not last long when used on road more often than dirt (obviously) but I love it enough to buy it again and who can argue with that price? I'd give a 5 star if it lasted longer. Couldn't tell you how many miles but I will tell you that it will be about 6-9 months with pretty often riding and that depends on what I think of the tire when it gets close to changing time. I tend to ride until I cannot ride anymore and then change the tire. What can I say? I ride a KLR.

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  • Michelin Bib Mousse Foam Tube Mounting Lube

    Michelin Bib Mousse Foam Tube Mounting Lube

    Helmut in VIC

    I am a mousse tube rider and love em

    to many people talk about mousses with no clue. You have to use them and ride em. No more levers , tubes and tools on the track. 8 of my friends switched from UHD tubes to mousses and love them.

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  • Michelin Bib Mousse Foam Tube

    Michelin Bib Mousse Foam Tube

    Helmut in VIC

    2000 km on the front and 3 tyres later

    Front Mousses are good for about 3 tyres or 2000km. Thats when i changed my mousse. Only because it was a bit to soft in combination with the Goldentyre 216 HB Competition. But with a Michelin S12 the mousse is now on my mates bike and just perfect. It might only lasts another 500km but still what do you want more. No levers , no tubes , no flats and worry free riding.

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  • Michelin Pilot Road 2 CT Radial Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Pilot Road 2 CT Radial Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Gene in California

    Hard to tell the remaining tread

    The 180/55ZR-17 is a good tire, but it's hard to tell when it's worn out -- unless you can see the steel belt! The tread grooves are not in the center of the tread face so you have to guess at how much rubber is left; not a good thing when you're on a long trip. I've moved on to the Road 3 and will try the Road 4 next because of this. Some of my friends noticed this problem, also.

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