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Latest Tusk Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk Aluminum Pipe Guard

    Tusk Aluminum Pipe Guard

    ETHAN in NC

    Great Product and Value

    This is probably one of the cheapest upgrades I have done to my bike, but it has been one of the very best protection parts on my bike. It took less than 5 minutes to install. After 2 and a half years of constant abuse (riding in extremely rocky terrain), I finally broke it, but for the price it was worth it. Great value, great product, as always with tusk. Will be buying again. (while using this on my KTM not a single dent has been found on my pipe)

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  • Tusk Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit

    Tusk Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit

    John in Maine

    Kit works great but lacking parts for certain year

    Uploaded on Aug 18, 2014After getting my '85 XR600 I decided I'd like to be able to ride it to the various places I like to ride, and hopefully to several shows for antique motorcycles. After looking at several light kits I decided to go with Tusk, sold by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC because of positive reviews and price. The kit was straight forward to install, I did need to make one modification since the harness was not long enough for the rear blinker wires, and I had to splice in about 12" to give enough slack that I could tuck everything out of the way. '85 XR's have drum rear brake. When I called to request an exchange a tech told customer service that the hydraulic switch would "complete the circuit, so it will work", but they gave me a $15 credit. They actually sell a mechanical switch for $8.99.... Bizarre. Otherwise I like this kit, it is worth the money. TECH NOTE: KIT ONLY COMES WITH HYDRAULIC BRAKE SWITCH.

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  • Tusk L.E.D. TailLight/Brake Light Under Fender

    Tusk L.E.D. TailLight/Brake Light Under Fender

    Jonathan in MI

    Works well but collects dust

    Still is working well after many hours and hard crashes but dust collects in the lens and there is no way of opening it up to clean it...so...its good for the price but you get what you pay for.

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  • Tusk MX Grips - Half Waffle

    Tusk MX Grips - Half Waffle

    ashley in NJ

    good grips

    low cost good grips i will be buying again!

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  • Tusk 180 Piece Metric Motorcycle Bolt Kit

    Tusk 180 Piece Metric Motorcycle Bolt Kit

    James in OK



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  • Tusk Adjustable Lift Stand

    Tusk Adjustable Lift Stand

    ashley in NJ

    good stand grate price

    this stand is a good stand and its a really good price but its a little tricky to put together

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