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  • Tusk 15" Curved Tire Iron

    Tusk 15" Curved Tire Iron

    bill in NV

    little leverage goes a long way

    good irons not much flex like the curved tips

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  • Tusk First Line Oil Filter

    Tusk First Line Oil Filter

    Donald in AZ

    Cheap, effective, good value

    Come with a maintenance label too. Used Honda, K&N, and now Tusk. I think I'll stick with Tusk for the value.

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  • Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    Donald in AZ

    Solid, but could be better

    This is a great bang for your buck product. Very solid and durable setup. I have the kit with the aluminum bar and the plastic screw on guards mounted to a standard diameter Renthal bar. They take a few tumbles before I have to loosen up the bolts, re-align, and retighten. Lost one of the bolts on the first ride. A replacement from Ace hardware and a tube of blue locktight has solved this issue. Bolts should have come from the factory with a spot of locktight. Inner interface clamps around bar and is a bit finicky. You have to crank the stuffing out of them (IMHO) more than I would expect to keep them in place. It would be a good idea for Tusk to provide the option of mounting the inner mount to the tripple somehow. Even of offered as an upgrade part, I would now go that direction. I see they have plastic guards with integrated LED turn signals as an option. A nice feature if you decide to dual sport your machine or need to make it street legal to get to/from local trails. Value is great, just add some locktight and don't be afraid to reef a bit on the bolts.

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  • Tusk Clutch Kit With Heavy Duty Springs

    Tusk Clutch Kit With Heavy Duty Springs

    JASON in VA

    Clutch kit

    Easy clutch pull, smooth engagement, easy to install. I would buy this again.

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