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  • DID 520 Chain

    DID 520 Chain

    Jesse in FL

    It works but stretches bad.

    Worked fine until after the first ride stretched. I thought its Okay its normal so I adjusted and rode again. Stretched again okay so I adjusted again. Rode it again and kept on stretching. This was all with 5 hours on the chain lol. I highly recommend getting a chain a little better if you have a built motor with a lot of power.

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  • DID 520 VT2 Narrow Enduro Racing X-Ring Chain

    DID 520 VT2 Narrow Enduro Racing X-Ring Chain

    BRIAN in CA

    DID 520 VT2

    Best chain ever. Long lasting. Never have to adjust. Strong. Narrow for proper fitment.

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  • DID 520DZ 2 Gold Chain

    DID 520DZ 2 Gold Chain

    Oliver in FL

    D.I.D. 520 DZ 2 Gold Chain

    Pretty good chain, doesn't last quite as long as the ERT 2, but that's to be expected with it being cheaper. (I actually have gotten this chain for a CR250R and a YZ250 but it wouldn't let me select that...)

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  • DID 520VX2 Gold X-RING Road Chain

    DID 520VX2 Gold X-RING Road Chain

    Todd in TX

    wearing good and still has color

    I had some stretching in beginning, like all chains, but since it has been wearing very well. I have had other chains that after short time the color on gold chain faded bad to the point I could barely see any gold color to it. I haven't had that problem thus far with this chain, and this chain has had lot of time on it, every weekend for about 6 months. I am very pleased.

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  • DID 520 ERT2 Gold Chain

    DID 520 ERT2 Gold Chain

    Joe in North Carolina

    Stylish and functional!

    Looks great and has held up great with 20 hrs of riding so far. Hasn't stretched yet either.

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  • DID 420 Chain

    DID 420 Chain

    Rod in CA

    Basic chain that fits perfectly

    Chain mounted up without having to remove any links

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