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Cruiser Trailer and Transport Parts and Accessories

At Jake Wilson, you’ll find all of the accessories you need to safely transport your cruiser from one location to another. One of the first items you’ll need are strong and sturdy loading ramps that fold up easily and store away conveniently. We have both bi-fold and tri-fold ramps, so you can find the exact ramps to fit your cruiser trailer or high truck bed. Once you get your cruiser loaded, you’ll want to make sure it’s held securely in place to prevent any scratches or dents while in transport, so shop our selection of heavy-duty tie downs available in standard, ratchet and bungee styles. Whether you’re leaving your motorcycle on your trailer overnight or in your garage long term, make sure you keep it protected from dust, rain and dirt with a quality motorcycle cover. We have several to choose from, including the Tusk Motorcycle Cover that’s made with water repellent material for year round protection and includes a convenient drawstring pouch for when it’s not in use. You can also deter anyone from touching your cruiser, or worse, riding off with it by purchasing a security lock or alarm. We carry trusted brands like On Guard, Rider Cargo and Gorilla Cycle. Jake Wilson has all the cruiser transport accessories you need to safely get your cruiser loaded, transported and back home again.

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