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  • Kenda Tuff Motorcycle Tube

    Kenda Tuff Motorcycle Tube

    Chris in GA

    Heavy duty for rooted and rocky trail.

    Heavy duty for rooted and rocky trail without the extra addition of unsprung weight as some other heavy duty tubes. I have spoon changed two tires on this tube and no punctures yet.

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  • Bike Master Motorcycle Tube

    Bike Master Motorcycle Tube

    Chris in GA


    On a 125 2-stroke weight (especially unsprung weight) is everything. Many people dont often consider the weight of tires and tubes. Thick tubes are great for the trail, but they are heavy. For MX only, this is a nice balance of protection to weight. These get the job done with minimal weight compared to others.

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  • Dyna Beads Refill Bag

    Dyna Beads Refill Bag

    Brody in Missouri

    They work

    Some say it is "snake oil" but I am a firm believer in these beads. I had them in a set of 30" Mudlite XXL mud tires that I did some hardpack and road riding with and they helped alot on the pavement. I noticed much less vibration through the handlebars.

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  • Dyna Beads Applicator w/Spout

    Dyna Beads Applicator w/Spout

    Brody in Missouri

    A must if you are buying DynaBeads

    This little tool makes putting DynaBeads in a 5 minute job. All you have to do is pull the valve stem core out and squeeze the bottle.

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  • Shinko 244 Series Dual Sport Tire

    Shinko 244 Series Dual Sport Tire

    Alan in MS

    Glad I got these

    I debated and debated which tires to go with to replace the stock Dunlop D605 that came on my KLX250s. I'm not disappointed with these tires. So far so good. I was looking for a 50/50 street dirt tire and these fit the bill nicely. On the road they are smooth with very little side to side movement. On rough pavement they tend to track in the grooves but don't feel unstable. On the dirt they are awesome. The 250 is not known for its power to break traction, but these tires will break traction just enough to allow for a little slide the in the corners on a gravel road. But they are still controllable. They are squirelly on deep gravel though and sand is not their friend. But on roads, hard pack, loose dirt, and some gravel, they do great. They are perfect for my riding style.

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  • STI Extreme Duty Motorcycle Tube

    STI Extreme Duty Motorcycle Tube

    AARON in WA

    No more pinch flats

    I had a flat on my bike due to a pinch flat. I put this extreme duty tube in and havent had an issue since. I will buy again.

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