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  • Tusk Low Pressure Tire Gauge

    Tusk Low Pressure Tire Gauge

    Joshua in UT


    every one needs one of these

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  • Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

    Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

    eric in PA

    Great in everything

    Great tire for everything. I was a little scared in the rain, but they are knobs. Amazing how well they handled on asphalt. In the muck, dirt, sand and stones they never let me down. Only got 4000 Out of a rear running 70" hard ball. That and price dropped them a star for me. But will buy a set for my Terra.

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  • STI Ultra Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    STI Ultra Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Christopher E in NJ

    Couldn't get it on the bike.

    Unless you primarily ride over beds of nails and pools of lava, and have 17 friends who deadlift skyscrapers in their spare time who can help you get this tube shoved into your rim, it's never gonna happen. Super thick tube. Go with something lighter weight for dirt.

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  • STI Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    STI Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Gene in OR

    Because they were pink

    I bought these for my wife's bike because she wanted pink grips. They are OK, but not real gripy, if you know what I am trying to say.

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  • Tusk 16 Gram CO2 Replacement Cartridges

    Tusk 16 Gram CO2 Replacement Cartridges

    Gene in OR


    Work as it should. Will buy again

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  • Nuetech Tubliss (Tubeless) Tire System

    Nuetech Tubliss (Tubeless) Tire System

    Brad in WA

    This tubeless system is the BOMB!!!

    I bought 1 for the front and rear wheels and I could not be happier. My front tube would get the valve stem ripped out EVERY practice day even though I used 2 rim locks. Some speculate too much braking power with my oversized brake rotor. That problem has been eliminated completely!! On the rear I use this for my paddle tire wheel. Previously the paddles flexing would wear a hole in the tube after 3-4 days of riding. Again the problem is eliminated because there is no tube to rub against. I was a little concerned about successfully getting the systems installed and sealing because neither tire was new and my front rim has lots of dings and 'wows' in it. There was no problems at all, I just followed the very clear instructions and everything worked out. Just finished 3 days of riding on the paddle tire and it worked awesome! I love being able to run lower air pressures in the front as well. I would certainly recommend this system to anyone.

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