Oil and Chemicals

Oil and Chemicals

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  • Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

    Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

    derrick in RI

    Great oil

    Won't run anything but this

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  • Bel-Ray Assembly Lube

    Bel-Ray Assembly Lube

    ANDREW in IL


    This assembly lube is essentially molykote, which is the standard for Aerospace assembly lube. It's nice and sticky, yet lubricates very well. I feel confident with it.

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  • Yamalube Yamabond 4

    Yamalube Yamabond 4

    ANDREW in IL

    The right stuff.

    This is the proper sealant to use for center cases that do not use a gasket. I just used it on my yz125 build. I had to re-split the cases (for reasons unrelated to the sealang) and it had set up nicely without getting too hard. Was easy to remove and reapply. I'm happy.

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  • Maxima K-2 100% Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

    Maxima K-2 100% Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

    Carlton in SC

    Love it

    2006 yz125 50:1 with 46.7 hours on top end running strong pulled it apart at 40 hours and it had very low carbon build up and was well lubricated nice film on piston and cylinder sleeve honestly think I could get away with 60:1 pricey but worth it! Try it out!

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  • Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

    Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

    Carlton in SC

    Good stuff

    No problems with this lube at all how ever I haven't used it long just one can and another on it's way but so far I like it better than maxima's chain lube

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  • Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Bruce in OH

    SC1 made it smooth as glass

    Spray it on, then wipe it off, makes clean up a lot quicker. You wont be disappointed.

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Motorcycle Oil and Chemicals.

The oils and chemicals are the life-blood of your street bike. It's important to use top of the line engine oil to keep your motorcycles engine in top shape. We carry a wide variety of different chemicals and oils in all the major brands. From engine and transmission oils to air filter maintenance and brake fluid we have every part of you machine covered. Also pick up some polishes and cleaners to make your street bike shine.

Jake Wilson provides oils and chemicals from the leading brands like Galfer, Bel-Ray, Maxima, Renthal, Permatex, Motorex and many more.