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  • Galfer Brake Pad - Carbon

    Galfer Brake Pad - Carbon

    jon in NSW


    easy to instal great performance

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  • Galfer Wave Brake Rotor, Front

    Galfer Wave Brake Rotor, Front

    Brian in OK

    This full floater replaced the solid mount OEM

    almost bought the tusk option because it is so much cheaper but have always loved galfer products so I thought I would stick with them. So glad I did as this rotor became a significant upgrade to the solid OEM rotor. RMATV needs to find a new picture to indicate that these are full floaters and therefore an upgrade for some bikes warranting the significant cost increase over the tusk option. Excellent braking power combined with galfer carbon pads. Would highly recommend if you are replacing either rotor on an RM 125. Only front is full floater. Rear is solid mount and therefore less expensive but equal quality and performance.

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  • EBC MXS Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    EBC MXS Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Matt in GA

    Don't bother with anything else

    I've tried everything else, these last longer and brake better.

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  • EBC Brake Fluid DOT 4

    EBC Brake Fluid DOT 4

    Chad in KY


    It's brake fluid

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  • Pro Honda Brake Fluid DOT 4

    Pro Honda Brake Fluid DOT 4

    Reannon in MO

    Honda Fluids Do Not Disappoint

    Sometimes sticking with the brand designed by your company is the best choice and these is one of those times, sticking with the Honda brake fluid has not disappointed me!

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