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  • Cobra Universal Exhaust Heat Shield

    Cobra Universal Exhaust Heat Shield

    NORMAN in CA

    Works as intended

    I have a Dr. D exhaust on my YZ and have a bad habit of burning my pants when I am on the starting gate. This shield is just big enough to keep my leg off the pipe.

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  • Vance & Hines Big Shots Staggered Motorcycle Exhaust

    Vance & Hines Big Shots Staggered Motorcycle Exhaust

    Jared in Utah

    Best pipes ever

    I use to have a Yamaha vstar and I had Vance and Hines pipes on it and loved them so when I bought the warrior I knew I had to have Vance in Hines pipes so I bought these ones and they are still the best pipes out there and they are very easy to install yourself. I would never buy any other kind of pipe again. Loud and clean. Awesome pipes!

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  • Vance & Hines Classic II Cruiser Motorcycle Exhaust System

    Vance & Hines Classic II Cruiser Motorcycle Exhaust System

    Aaron in VIC

    Vance & Hines Classic II onto a 95 VT1100C2 ACE

    Firstly, the great service from Rocky Mountain ATV*MC and the prompt delivery was fantastic. Seven days from the USA to my door in rural Australia, it's going to be hard for anyone to top that! ... The V&H Classic II (part# 19461) arrived, as packed by V&H, with everything intact and in perfect condition. Fitting the exhaust took about 2 hours, including removing the stock Honda pipes and rooting out the old gaskets, and taking every precaution to get the perfect fit the first time around. The fit and finish is top notch. Pipes follow much the same routing as stock, with the front header sitting a little further away from the frame. (This causes a clash with Cobra floorboards, I have heard, but it is fixable with some mucking about. I have pegs, so didn't bother me.) V&H say these pipes will fit 95-98 ACE's. (If your foot-pegs on your 1100 Shadow are about 3/4" below the (engine) crank centre, it is my guess, that these pipes will fit too.) ... Fitting is fairly straight forward. Get the old system off, clean out the old gaskets, and then follow the instructions from V&H. Take your time undoing things and don't rush the job. I went the extra mile and used anti-seize on all threads, and removed all residue from the packing tape on headers. My bike had been on its side before so I had to bend the supplied bracket a fraction to align the mufflers correctly... I'd suggest a pre-fitting check to make sure the bracket clears your swing-arm etc if your bike has a chequered or unknown history. It is a fiddly job so, if patience isn't in your virtues, seek help getting them fitted. RTFM and it will all go smoothly. ... The sound is impressive! After fitting the first firing will have you going "WOW!" The note is deep, without the usual sharp, obnoxious, harshness of the Straight Shots etc. Output picks up on acceleration with a deep, loud, muscular song bellowing out. At cruise the song settles down to a low rumble that wont piss of your riding mates or drone around inside your helmet so much that you end up deaf for three days after a ride... But twist the throttle again and the beast awakens. ... Its a well matched, well balanced, well made, and mature, system for a bike like the ACE. Aptly named "Classic II".

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  • FMF Premier Multi Layer 4-Stroke Muffler Packing

    FMF Premier Multi Layer 4-Stroke Muffler Packing



    does what it's supposed 2

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  • FMF 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    FMF 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Joey in AR

    Works like it should

    It all fit and works great.

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  • Lexx Heat Tile

    Lexx Heat Tile

    KEVIN in CA

    Works well for gas tank wrapping

    My gas would boil from getting heated up by the hot engine and radiators. I wrapped the tank and haven't heard it boil again.

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