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  • Tusk Handlebar Risers

    Tusk Handlebar Risers

    Eric in NV

    Nice riser blocks - Poor bolts

    I will agree with the person who stated: "I had 2 of the bolts strip out my triple tree when removing the bolts" and "The bolts went in easy but got tighter with each turn on the way out." Fortunately, I didn't strip my triple tree, but the bolts exhibited the same defective behavior upon removal. I chased the threads using an 8mm x 1.25mm pitch die and they worked normally. I would recommend this or simply buying better hardware. The bolts, as shipped, are out of spec; perhaps over-plated? The riser blocks are nicely finished and appear to be very solid. The cables lengths on a DR-Z 400S seem fine after installation and the ergonomics are much improved for a tall rider.

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  • Tusk Lithium Battery

    Tusk Lithium Battery

    Ryan in MI


    My bike has had a hard time starting lately with the E start. It would crank for about 3-5 seconds then the battery would be flat. When it did crank it sounded weak. Replaced it with the Tusk battery and it started every time with ease during my race yesterday. Other big thing is, the OEM battery weighs about 3-4 pounds, the Tusk battery weighs less than my cell phone. It amazes me how lightweight it is.

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  • Tusk Engine Oil Seal Kit

    Tusk Engine Oil Seal Kit

    Andrey in MN

    Thumbs Up

    Great quality aftermarket seals for the do-it-yourselfer.

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  • Tusk Oil Filter

    Tusk Oil Filter

    Matt in IN

    awesome item

    Perfect fit

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  • Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit Replacement Wire Harness

    Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit Replacement Wire Harness

    LARRY in TN

    Great Design

    This item worked very well. I ordered the one for the wr426 and put it on a yz450f so i could get the included battery pack. It fit well. It is plug and play and very easy to install. It even looks good.

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  • Tusk Front Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Line CR Style

    Tusk Front Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Line CR Style

    Kevin in WY

    Seems A Little Short

    Cable could be a little longer. Even being a CR Style I think it should be a little longer!

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