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Motorcycle Lifestyle / Casual Clothing and Accessories

Riding a motorcycle is more than just a means of transportation. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a choice to experience life in a more thrilling way. It’s an opportunity to break away from the crowd and take your own path. And it’s a decision that completely defines you as an individual. When you ride, you share a common bond with other motorcyclists on the road. Getting somewhere becomes an enjoyable experience as you twist the throttle and hit the curves. You appreciate the unique culture that develops around what it means to ride. The motorcycle lifestyle is something special.

At Jake Wilson, we’re known by our motto: Everything street. We carry riding apparel, tires, parts and accessories. But none of that is really complete without our casualwear section, which is where you’re at right now. This is where we carry products that aren’t for your bike or even for you while you ride. Instead, they’re lifestyle products, items which you identify with as a motorcyclist.

We’ve split our casual products into several different categories to make your browsing experience better. Of course, we’ve got t-shirts, beanies, hoodies, jeans and shorts from your favorite industry companies. And ladies, we’ve got a separate section just for you! We also have a category for miscellaneous accessories – sunglasses (including brands like Oakley, Bobster and Spy), keychains, belts, wallets and more. We even have toys if you want to share your two-wheeled passion with the little ones who aren’t old enough to ride yet. Don’t forget to check out our gift ideas as well. There are a number of excellent gems in there to help you when you’re shopping for another rider (or even just yourself).

There’s so much more to the motorcycle lifestyle beyond riding. This section is for all those times when you’re not on your bike. Take a moment to browse our selection now!