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  • Biker's Choice 5-Spoke Stainless Steel Rotor, Front

    Biker's Choice 5-Spoke Stainless Steel Rotor, Front

    Abraham in UT

    Great Value Great Product

    I put my rotors on the 8th of June, they now have almost 13k thousand miles on them, and still look new. I used the sintered brake pads, great combination for my Road Glide. An amazing difference in performance over OEM pads.

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  • Goodridge Front 2-Line Cruiser Brake Line Kit

    Goodridge Front 2-Line Cruiser Brake Line Kit

    Jose Luis in TX

    Immediate Improvement

    I installed this brake line on my M50 and immediately noticed the improvement in responsiveness when braking. Definitely much better than stock and easy to install.

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  • Polisport Front Disc Protector

    Polisport Front Disc Protector

    JOHNNY in OK

    Works good to protect the rotor

    I ride in harescramble races where you get right up close to slower riders all the time trying to find passes in single track trails and this has helped at least once to protect my front rotor when i took out that slow guy the last race by clipping his rear tire when we got on the bank of the pond and thus throwing him in the water, lol. I would reccoment this for any aggressive riders with anger issues such as myself.

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  • Biker's Choice 5-Spoke Stainless Steel Rotor, Rear

    Biker's Choice 5-Spoke Stainless Steel Rotor, Rear

    MATT in UT

    More than I expected

    Bought this for an OEM replacement. Was surprised to see the quality in the rotor. After looking at this online and reading reviews from other users decided to give it a try. Fitment was excellent, finish was awesome, and when I used the EBC sintered metal brake pads I thought they would squeal. Very glad to find out that they didn't squeal at all! The braking power with the new pads and rotor are great! I would recommend this rotor to someone looking to replace an old rotor!

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  • Tusk Brake Rotor Bolt Kit

    Tusk Brake Rotor Bolt Kit

    Jeffrey in NY

    Matte Brass Finish

    Maybe the color is important to you, so I posted it in the title. Otherwise, matches my OEM parts in dimensions perfectly.

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  • Tusk Billet Brake Line Clamps

    Tusk Billet Brake Line Clamps

    MATT in WA

    Clean up your swing arm...

    These arm affordable $ look sharp. Rocky Mountain ATV is the best place to purchase my ATV parts!

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Keep street bikes safe with our full range of brakes and brake accessories.

Motorcycle brakes are among the most important components on your machine. In fact, they are probably the most important part of your bike when it comes to safety, and that’s why you should never procrastinate replacing them once they get too worn out.

At Jake Wilson, we carry replacement brake parts for many different types of motorcycles – sport bikes, cruisers, touring motorcycles and dual sport bikes. We’ve split up our brakes into these four major sections, but we’ve also split our brake parts into different categories in order to help you find exactly what you need.

Brake pads come in a variety of materials, some of which are engineered for the best stopping performance while others are optimized for longevity. Rotors are developed in a variety of designs that serve to enhance both your machine’s braking ability and its style at the same time.

Even though brake pads and rotors are the most commonly associated parts when it comes to motorcycle brakes, there are other important components as well. For example, the lines and cables are what operate the pads, and the brake fluid is what provides the pressure to allow them to work in the first place. We have categories filled with products for all of these major elements of a brake system. We also have a category devoted to exclusively to brake accessories.

On this page, we’ve assembled all of these different categories and organized them in a way that makes sense. All you need to do is identify what type of motorcycle you have and the type of brake component you need. From there, you’re on your way, and you can browse all applicable brake parts that we have available. If you’d rather stick to browsing by brands, you can do that too. At the top of the page, we’ve listed all of the brake-related brands we carry. You’ll recognize big players like Galfer, Pro X, EBC and many others.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to replace your motorcycle brakes, and Jake Wilson is the place to get the job done! Browse our impressive selection today!