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  • Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet

    Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet

    Matthew in WA


    This helmet has some great graphics and looks awesome with a dark shield. Not bad for summer riding and a back up. However its very poor for winter or high humidity riding. Fogs up quickly and the only way to fix it is with the slight lift of the shield. Which can make for very COLD or WET face.

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  • Bell Apex Motorcycle Helmet

    Bell Apex Motorcycle Helmet

    roger in CA

    great helmet

    not only looks good but light and vents great and best price

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  • Bell RS-1 Motorcycle Helmet

    Bell RS-1 Motorcycle Helmet

    andy in PA

    big league helmet amateur price

    great features, good shield, anti fog works good. feels solid, vents work very well. not loud but not as quiet as i hoped, i wear earplugs anyway. fits like a glove, nice and snug, true to size. for the bucks you can't beat it

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  • Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer Motorcycle Helmet

    Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer Motorcycle Helmet


    Head gear

    The face shiels are great you have clear for nite and smoke for the day. The sizeing seems to be a little small for our big american heads. The only flaw that I have found is they like to use small pieces of plastic trim that are a little to dainty. I am not gentile on my equipment and need to have a trim piece replaced. The finish is excelent. My headset mounted easily.

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  • Scorpion EXO-1100 Motorcycle Helmet

    Scorpion EXO-1100 Motorcycle Helmet

    Nathan in UT

    Really awesome helmet

    This is, by far, the best helmet I have ever owned. It broke in quick, is very comfortable, rides very quiet, has excellent visibility, breathes really well, and the internal sun visor (top gun visor) has saved my life more than once now. My commute may be 50 degrees in the morning and 105 on the way home, and the vent options on this helmet works really well for both. I also have a bit of a long oval head, and this helmet broke in within a few rides. It is designed for riders who are sitting up vertically so it works really well for bikes like dual sporters or cruisers, and may not be ideal for a sport bike.

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  • Speed and Strength Top Dead Center Motorcycle Helmet

    Speed and Strength Top Dead Center Motorcycle Helmet

    Melissa in PA

    great helment

    is a great helment fits great and is very durable!

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When it comes to motorcycle helmets, this is the right place. We offer an incredible selection of the best helmets in the industry.

There are many types of motorcycles, and there are just about as many types of helmets out there. Of course, there is a lot of crossover between helmets, and you aren’t limited by the type of bike you ride. But we’ve done our best to categorize our products to help you find the helmet that’s perfect for you.

Sportbike helmets feature a streamlined design to enhance performance while providing maximum protection. They’re full face helmets engineered to be both lightweight and extra strong, with visors that offer a combination of clarity as well as strength. There are also modular helmets which offer great protection while still providing the benefits of open face helmets for certain circumstances.

Cruiser helmets are built for comfort. This is where you’ll find the most variation in designs – full face, modular, open face and half helmets. In this case, pick your preference and go from there. Many cruiser helmets offer protection without sacrificing the all-important feel of air in your face as you head down the road. They’re classic helmets that maintain the nostalgic classic feel of motorcycles throughout the past century.

Adventure touring helmets are largely hybrids of street and dirt. Both full face and motocross helmets are designed for an optimal riding experience in their respective elements, and adventure touring helmets incorporate elements of both to give their riders the best of both worlds. When shopping for a helmet like this, it comes down to your personal street-to-dirt ratio. It’s all up to you!

Touring helmets feature an emphasis on long-distance requirements. If you’re going to be on your bike for long periods of time, you’re going to want something comfortable. But at the same time, if you’re going to be on highways, sharing the road with many other vehicles, you’re also going to want something that offers adequate protection in the event of an accident. Touring helmets do a great job with both.

Safety is a serious matter, and nothing is more important than a quality motorcycle helmet. Not only do we want you to keep your head safe, we want you to look good as well. When you browse our inventory, you see that there are plenty of choices with a variety of styles and colors. You’ll find variations of the primary helmet types – full face, modular, open face and half – but you’ll also see a number of design options, from conservative single-tone colors to flashy graphics that will really make a statement.

At Jake Wilson, we’re proud to offer you many choices so you get the motorcycle helmet that’s right for your riding needs as well as your style. On this page, we’ve highlighted a number of different options. You can utilize this table to jump right to the type of helmet that matches the type of bike you ride.

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Mens Cruiser Helmets Womens Cruiser Helmets
Mens Dual Sport Helmets Womens Dual Sport Helmets
Mens Touring Motorcycle Helmets Womens Touring Motorcycle Helmets

Browse our extensive selection of motorcycle helmets. You’ll find the perfect option for you, and you’ll discover why Jake Wilson truly is known for everything street.